What is Boondocking?

Boondocks: (n.) rough, remote, or isolated country.” – Oxford Dictionary

We are familiar with using the word boondocks in such a negative fashion. “I have to drive all the way out into the boonies.” “He lives in the boondocks…”
But there is one group of people that definitely knows the upside to those parts of the world that are “rough, remote, or isolated”: Campers.
While there is absolutely nothing wrong with glamping, having running water and electricity, and some of the other finer points of modern life, there’s something special about “roughin’ it”, as many campers will let you know.


Campers affectionately refer to this style of camping as ‘Boondocking’. No running water. No electricity. Just you, your family, and your RV. This is living in the boonies, and for some it’s the best way to go. Some like to live it rough at every chance. Some like to stop at a full-service campground every few days to recharge. Either way, this lifestyle isn’t for everyone. But if it seems like your sort of thing, we totally get it. And we here at RV World Network want to help!

We have recently come across an excellent resource in a club called Boondockers Welcome! They are not a sponsor of ours, we just feel it necessary to make such a great group known to you!
If you join them (A membership costs just $30 per whole year), you have access to many Boondocker hosts around the country. Well over a thousand, actually. You can see their listing, check their reviews and what other Boondockers think about them. And best of all, if you’re a member, staying at a host’s place is free! You can park on private, safe property at no cost to you other than what it takes to join the club. We think this is an EXCELLENT way to grow a community of RVers, don’t you? Check them out using the link below, and let us know about your experiences Boondocking!


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