Keep Our RV Campgrounds Beautiful

Have you ever been to a campsite that was littered with garbage? It happens often and I think we can agree that it’s a shame. If only we all put a little extra effort into keeping our campgrounds clean, it would go a long way. Here are some things to keep in mind or share with others along the way:

  1. Leaving a campsite (especially a free one) littered means the agency overseeing the campground has to clean up after you, which costs money. If cleanup costs from unappreciative campers continue month after month, exceeding revenue or the assigned budget, the overseeing agency has no choice but to raise prices or close the campground.
  2. Litter such as broken glass, bottle caps, pop tops and aluminum cans shredded by lawn mowers can be a hazard to little ones (adults too) headed barefoot to enjoy the beach.
  3. Food scraps such as chicken bones and rancid food can be dangerous to the pets of other campers that arrive after you. Not only that, but food waste can attract yellowjackets and other insects that others may have allergies to.

Pass it on, friends!

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