Meet the Team


Ree MerE


Larry Leger


Larry and Ree are the heart and soul of the RV World Network. They’re at the office every day to make sure things are running smoothly and that the biggest news, the best benefits, and the newest ideas in the RV Industry are getting to our members.

Steffan mouton

Director of R&D

Steffan discovers and implements the technology behind our Network, keeping the team connected and moving forward. He’s building us up to be bigger and better, day after day.


Sales Director

Ken is the man. He’s passionate about getting on the road and reaching out to Louisiana campgrounds, helping owners and managers show off their hard work to the RV community. Ken is working diligently to make sure that every campground in Louisiana gets the personalized treatment they deserve, and there’s no one better suited for the job.

Stephanie amy

Marketing Director

Stephanie handles our marketing programs, brand management, community outreach, and online presence on social media. She’s a consummate marketing professional with over 12 years of experience. Her evolving creative strategies and social skills help lead our Network forward in the ever-changing world of technology.

kathy olivier

Industry Ambassador

Kathy handles RV Industry outreach, communicating with manufacturers and state agencies. She’s an energetic professional dedicated to our project.

jasper doise

Web Admin

Jasper built this website, and is likely updating a page or troubleshooting right now. Curating our RV Industry database and communicating that information in a practical and beautiful way is Jasper’s duty.

Will shoemake

Systems Administrator

Will is a deeply experienced professional in many realms of Information Technology. He set up our servers, built our computers, and is a deeply valued member of the team.

sam Essmeier

Campgrounds Ambassador

Sam has been working with Larry for over 40 years. He ensures our success by acting as our team’s Coach and making sure the lines of communication are open.