Add An Event

Click a title to see instructional information.

The best way to set your address is to simply begin typing the street address into the Street Address field, and then selecting one of the auto-fill options from the drop-down selection. This will automatically fill out the rest of the location fields, including Latitude/Longitude.

Sometimes, especially in Louisiana, the commonly known street address is not recognized by Google Maps. Make sure to double-check the Google Maps interface below to see if your event pin is at the correct location. You can drag the map to modify the pin’s location manually and place it exactly where you’d like it to show up on the map. If you do so, the system may automatically attempt to correct the street address you have entered.

If the automatic correction seems useless as a street address (especially in rural areas, the system may only output the street name and not a number), please make sure to also put the common street address of your event in the Event Description field so anyone who wants to attend can have another option to find their way.

If your event is at a place listed in our Directory, please also see the ‘Linking your Event to a Place’ instructions.

If your event is being held at a place that has a listing in our Directory, please link it using the ‘Link Posts: Place’ field. Just type the first few letters of the name of the place where the event is being held and click the correct option from the auto-fill drop-down menu.

Your Event must also have a street address entered to show up on the map properly – please see the ‘Setting your Event’s Address’ instructions above.